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Bench with a View

About Andronicos

The Artist

Andronicos was born in the Missouri  USA and then at the age of two moved with his family to Greece near Florina. Growing up in Greece surrounded by the beauty of the history, landmarks and landscape of this ancient civilization inspired Andronicos to develop his love for all art.


Andronicos wanted to create a unique way to combine his passion for drawing and photography to successfully convey messages and express his ideas to the observer.


To Andronicos, the human body, both male and female, are objects of art and his goal is to master the transformation by taking photos of the human body, in its pure form, then expressing this into a "print format", which contains complex, deep and powerful meaning.


As an accomplished artist, the ultimate reward for Andronicos comes when he is able to inspire creativity, stimulate emotions, and intellectual thought in the observer.

life LOGO andronicos.png

About his symbol

The Emblem

Andronicos has developed the "life" symbol during his high school years around 1994. The original idea came from drawing a drop of water that symbolized life, and was fascinated with the 4 elements. So created 4 more "drops" that united in the middle. Each "drop" symbolized the substances or components of what our planet is comprised of, the first four, or the classical elements Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

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